Fit is a Requirements Tool, Not a Testing Tool


Mike Ratliff did a very good presentation on Fit/Fitnesse at Valtech Days. While praising the effects it can have on a development project, he also highlighted some of its quirks such as the ones I’ve complained about earlier.

The main point he made in my mind was when he said that Fit is not a testing tool but a requirements tool. It does not replace your regular acceptance testing tools. According to Mike, the main advantage Fitnesse brings is an increased, and executable, dialogue between customers and developers, and the possibility for customers to work with the spec in a “what if” manner.

I have been going over that thought for two days now and I think I really like it. And it makes me revalue Fitnesse, I definitely see the value of customers being able to work with the tests dynamically. I might just end up writing a blog post these days titled “Why I like Fit” :).