Picture of Marcus Ahnve

Hi, I'm Marcus.

I'm an independent software developer with 20+ years of experience designing and building web based systems.

Areas of Expertise


I wrote my first BASIC program in 1981 and have been paid to program since 1996. I have experience writing full stack software for the web and have written production code in Java, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Clojure, Ruby and Smalltalk. And of course, I know HTML, CSS and SQL as well.


I have built and designed applications on various versions of Open Source software stacks based on Linux and databases like PostgreSQL. Since the end of the '00s I have used cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean to deliver these solutions.

Methods and Ways

I was an early adopter of what was later to be called agile methodologies and was a founder of Agila Sverige, Swedens first conference on this topic. As agile grew mainstream and the meaning of the term went diluted I choose to step away from agile as an industry, but I still work by the ideals of the early movement. This means test driven development, continuous delivery and deployment and an adherence to a well functioning workplace. If asked kindly I still give talks about methodology.

Education, Speaker

I have spoken at numerous conferences and have worked as a teacher in all of my areas of expertise. Teaching and speaking is a complementary activity for me as I like to speak from experience.

Latest Posts

Distro Hopping

"A year and half ago I ended a two year experiment using Windows as my daily driver OS. In short, I felt WSL had too many wrinkles that annoyed me. I switched back to Linux and it was like coming home after being away for too long. Since then I've tried a number of distros and desktop environments, and I believe I have finally settled on Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop Edition."
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Hamburger Menu With Bulma and Hyperscript

"As part of a larger overhaul, I recently redid the navigation for this site and switched the CSS framework from Semantic UI to Bulma. The main reasons are that I find Bulma requires simpler HTML, and that it has no included JavaScript dependencies. JavaScript is needed for some features though, one of them being the burger menu. Bulma has a navbar component that automatically adapts to touchscreen devices by hiding the navbar-menu item."
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Connecting to a database From IntelliJ Running in WSL2

"I’m running Intellij inside Ubuntu on WSL 2, and today I had problems connecting to a database. It would connect randomly and then quickly lose connection. It turns out that the problem was with the way that IntelliJ stores passwords. When running in Linux, IntelliJ uses the Gnome Keyring, which I did not have running. The quick solution to the problem was to switch IntelliJ’s password save setting to “Never”."
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