Eventum Issue / Bug Tracking System


Eventum Issue / Bug Tracking System has to be the best kept secret in issue tracking. I might not get out as much as I should, but I had not heard of it until the other day.

I did spend some time the other day looking at Bugzilla, which we used to use in house before the days of JIRA, to see if they had made any improvements and fixed that god-awful search screen. (They hadn’t)

In the process, I came across Eventum by chance and since it is a MySQL product I figured it ought to be interesting and installed it on my laptop to give it a go.

The thing is, I really like it. It has the same power user feeling that Request Tracker has, but is more aimed at a development environment. We are happy JIRA customers at Lecando, but Mike and the guys could definitely pick up one or two things from Eventum. My favorite thing is that Eventum uses colored rows when listing issues to indicate the status of the issue, which really gives you a quick overview.

JIRA’s icons look nice, but they do not provide a good overview. Look at the ‘Roadmap’ screen to see what I mean.

Screenshot of JIRA roadmap feature