Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu


I feel I just have to try Ruby on Rails, I mean everybody else is doing it and I don’t want to feel left out.

So I started setting it up on my X40 which runs Ubuntu. There is still no deb available for it, you have to use the Ruby Gems system to set it up. I dont know if this is good or bad - it seems like a Ruby CPAN and my feelings towards Perls CPAN are mixed. I once ended up with two Perls on a Red Hat box when using it to set up Request Tracker. Let’s hope Gems works better.

To start out I had to apt-get rdoc and libzlib-ruby. After that it is installed. Whohoo. What now?

Ok rails ~/work/rortest … Bang. Some dependency is missing. Let’s search Synaptic to see what could possibly make it tick.

libwebrick maybe? Nope.

libmysql-ruby? Nope.

eruby? No.

libdbi-mysql. Noo.

libwhatever-ruby. Nothing works.

Maybe there’s some info on their site? Hmm … there are instructionson how to install it on Debian unstable which involves apt-getting the all ruby libraries known to man - but who cares - let’s try that.

Whohoo! It works. Let’s see some of the Ruby love in the browser then - it is indeed there.

Ok. Now for the database tweaking. Why three databases? I guess I’l find out.

Yaml is really, really nice.

Ok, according to the site, all I have left is to develop my Rails application, so I guess that is what I will do. Wish me luck.

Update: There are now instructions for how to set up Rails on Ubuntu.