My local browser war


I switch browsers like others switch … something they switch very often. Why does it have to be so hard? All I want is a browser that:

  • Is small and nimble
  • Feels like a Mac application
  • Has good ad blocking support
  • Handles Flash on demand

Safari locks up too often, and a number of sites do not work with it. Shiira is small and nice, but has no decent ad blocking. Firefox has lousy Mac integration and eats memory like there is no tomorrow. Flock just does not feel ready yet. OmniWeb has clunky ad blocking and is not worth the money.

My current choice is Camino. It is lightweight and Macish but has terrible, CSS-based, out-of-the-box adblocking. But with the help of CamiTools that can be fixed and you also get the flash handled.

Who knows, I might even be using next week.