One of those days ... ?


On the train to work this morning I proudly realized that my PowerBook had an uptime of 30 days. The fact that Macs can do this is so weird to my non-mac colleagues that they almost don’t believe it.

Well, the God of Failing Computers saw me in my hubris, and promptly crashed my computer, just like that, and would not let it restart. It finally showed some signs of life when I got to the office and plugged it in.

I am a big fan of geektool, and use it to display console.log. This was a good thing because I noticed a whole lot of lines saying that the /tmp directory was missing. When I looked into it, /private/tmp, which /tmp symlinks to, was indeed missing and that caused a lot of mayhem.

I recreated the directory manually, and things have been smooth since. But it was quite a scare.

After that my day has, shall we say, not been smiling at me. Let’s really, really hope that this is not an indicator for tonights big game against Paraguay.