XP 1.0 is better than XP 2.0


Alan Francis: Jobs, etc.: “[…] being an old-school XP-er who thinks Kent got right the first time and only dug a deeper hole trying to re-explain himself. "

Well put. XP 1.0 is mostly brilliant, whereas the additional value of 2.0 could could have been published in a short addendum.

Kent Beck is probably the hero of the geeky part of my life and I am sorry to say that I find the quality of his work receding. Whatever he wrote or spoke about before, it was always empirically based and with a very appealing rebel touch. It seems to me that he is becoming more and more theoretical. For example, I found his keynote at XP2006 about “responsible developing” very abstract.

Let’s hope that the book he is releasing this fall proves me wrong.

(Via Planet TW - Alumni.)