Me, an Ipod addict


My name is Marcus Ahnve and I am an iPod addict.

My iPod died on me the other day. That is when I realized that I am an addict. I got physically cold and I immediately realized that my next subway ride would be iPod less. I cannot ride the subway without an iPod.

I had plans for this iPod. We were going to spend the fall and winter together, waiting for the iPhone to reach this dark corner of the world sometime next spring. Now I was left alone with no one to turn to.

There are currently two iPods on my desk. I still have the old one as I just can’t let go yet, the other one is a 8GB iPod Nano. No moving parts this time, and the option to buy the Nike+ kit, which isn’t available for the iPhone anyway. I feel better, I will be able to ride the subway again.